Saab 9-5

since 1997 of release

Repair and car operation

Saab 9-5
+ Saab 9-5 Cars
+ Governing bodies and operation receptions
+ Settings and routine maintenance of the car
+ Engine
+ Systems of cooling of the engine, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
+ the Power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases
+ Systems of electric equipment of the engine
- Manual box of gear shifting
   Transmission identification
   General information
   Removal and installation of a casing of the lever of gear shifting
   Adjustment, removal and installation of a drive of gear shifting and ignition lock
   Replacement of the handle of the lever of gear shifting
   Removal and RKPP installation of 4-cylinder engines
   Removal and RKPP installation of diesel V6 engines
   Removal and Д/В installation of lamps of a backing
   Replacement of epiploons of power shafts
   Design and major maintenance of a transmission
+ Automatic transmission
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment

Transmission identification

The RKPP identification number consists of three groups and is beaten out on шильде, RKPP attached above.

Location and type of the RKPP identification number

Below RKPP identification number interpretation on FM57 B01 A12345 example is given.

F — the Forward drive

M — transmission Type (M – RKPP; A–AT)

5 — Number of transfers of advance

7 — the Full transfer relation on the highest transfer:

  • 0 — 3.2
  • 1 — 3.1
  • 2 — 3.0
  • 9 — 2.3

B — the Combination to engines:

  • A — AT established with B205E, B235E/R and B308E engines
  • B — RKPP established with engines B205E, B235E/R
  • C — AT established with various engines
  • 23 — Generation
  • A12345 — Designation of the letting-out line (A) and serial number (12345) RKPP

The AT identification number also consists of three groups and differs from number RKPP only a type of the last group.

Location and type of the AT identification number

Below interpretation of the third group of the AT identification number till 2002 вып is given. on an example 97CW00101.

97 — Year of release

C — Month of release:

A — January

B — February

C — Marthe

D — April

E — May

F — June

G — July

H — Augustus

J — September

K — October

L — November

M — December

V\AT model

V\AF33-5 AF33-5

W — 50-40LE

00101 — Serial number (in a month of release).